Django template formatting in VSCode

I'm currently learning Django. Doing things in Visual Studio Code has been an awesome experience - except for one thing.

Whenever I would save a template, some sort of autoformatting would happen and make my Django template tags look really undesirable. Here's an example (shoutout to the Django Girls tutorial):

Before saving:

After saving:

This would happen every time I pressed Ctrl + s. Obviously it was pretty annoying. I think the culprit was the built-in HTML autoformatter, so I played with some of the built-in settings in VSCode but ultimately nothing I did with those settings fixed this.


Installed this plugin (simply named Django):

Added some lines to my workspace json file under settings:

"settings": {
	"files.associations": {
		"**/*.html": "html",
		"**/templates/**/*.html": "django-html",
		"**/templates/**/*": "django-txt",
		"**/requirements{/**,*}.{txt,in}": "pip-requirements"

After reloading VSCode, the language for my Django template files was automatically set to Django HTML and the undesirable autoformatting problem was gone.

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